Term 1 Summary

Grades are in, parent-teacher conferences are done, and we are preparing for Thanksgiving!  This year has started off on a great note.  I want to just give a summary of what my classes have been up to in the first few months of school. Level 1:  We are gotten a great start to our Italian … More Term 1 Summary

Nipmuc by numbers

In level 1, we have been learning our numbers, how to pronounce them and how to use them.  To practice them, and pull together different aspects of what we have been learning, students produced a video of objects around nipmuc.  In this activity, students had to find the correct italian word (which are some of … More Nipmuc by numbers

Level 1 Final Exam

Welcome to the last week of level 1.  We have been working hard to get ready for our final exam which is cumulative of everything we have learned all year.  To review, students completed a video on the app Recap, which allows students to answer questions verbally and practice their pronunciation. Once the review was … More Level 1 Final Exam