Italian 2 – Daily Routines

Level 2 students have been learning their reflexive verbs in Italiano.  Reflexive verbs are pretty similar to the present tense in italiano, but need a reflexive verb added to it.  So it wasn’t a completely new concept but just an addition to what we already knew.  The hardest part about reflexives is knowing the difference between non reflexive and reflexive and using them correctly, because it can be pretty awkward if you make a mistake.  For example when using the verb vestirsi, which means to dress oneself, if you don’t use it as a reflexive then people might think that somebody had to help you get dressed in the morning!

To make sure we knew how to use these verbs students made a video telling us about their daily routines, because most of the reflexive verbs have to do with what you do for yourself everyday, like waking up, showering, getting dressed.  This year we added a twist though, thanks to Sra. Moloney and Sra. Blackburn, we decided not to do a video at home but to partner up and have the students act them out in class.  The only catch?  The partner has to act as “their arms” from behind their backs.  It was hilarious to watch the students act this out and figure out how to do the actions for their partners.

Below are a few examples of these videos! Enjoy!



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