Vroom vroom…learning about Cars

In level 2, I like to spend the few days before Thanksgiving break unwinding after the mad dash to get content out to students has come to an end.  For the past few years we have used this time to watch Cars in Italian.  This is always a fun activity, because it shows students about how movies are dubbed over and what they look like to people in other countries.  But it is also super useful with their language acquisition.  Because it is a movie that they know and have already seen, they can focus on hearing the language and be able to make comparisons as to what words are used and if they translate literally or not.

Once we get back from the long holiday weekend, we spend the first two days back wrapping up the movie with a project to learn more about cars and the words that are associated with cars.  Students have to make a virtual flyer to “sell” the car that they bought and fixed up.  So the students find a “before” picture and then an “after” picture to show how they fixed the car up.  Then they make a flyer trying to sell the new car.

With this activity, we learn vocabulary of the car and important terms that go along with talking about mechanics and car related themes, such as changing the oil or how many miles a car has.  It is fun to see what kind of creations the students will come up with!

Please enjoy some examples of student work from this year.


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