Term 1 Summary

Grades are in, parent-teacher conferences are done, and we are preparing for Thanksgiving!  This year has started off on a great note.  I want to just give a summary of what my classes have been up to in the first few months of school.

Level 1:  We are gotten a great start to our Italian studies.  We are learning the basics: Vocabulary (school and house words, numbers, days, months and seasons), learning about gender of nouns, We can now give basic information about ourselves and have an introductory conversation in Italian.  We have learned two songs in Italian (Domani and Danzare) and are able to hold a pretty solid tune while singing them in class.  And these few days before Thanksgiving break we are watching an information video about Italy and it’s culture.  Next thing up is the verb Avere which means to have.  This verb will allow us to talk about ourselves in more depth and use idiomatic expressions to describe how we are feeling.  I can’t wait to continue down our path to Italian fluency!

Level 2:  We are finishing up our review portion of the year.  We have been expanding our vocabulary and speaking more in Italian.  Our term 1 oral exam were fantastic and these students are really starting to learn how to express themselves in Italian.  Next up:  new materials such as reflexive verbs and our first past tense, passato prossimo.

Level 4:  Our final year together has started off great!  Our favorite part of this class has been Caffè Signorina which we do every day 4.  We spend the block speaking ONLY in Italian about whatever the students want to talk about.  It seems like such a simple concept, but my goal is to get the students comfortable with speaking and not worried about making mistakes.  We have had about 5 different classes doing this so far, and the experience gets better each time.  I can see the students become more comfortable and less worried about being embarrassed or making mistakes.  In addition to that, we have been reviewing all of our tenses and making sure students understand the different tenses.  Coming up:  We will be learning the Passato Remoto and reading some excerpts from Boccaccio’s Decameron to see how it is used.  We will also watch two films to look at the cultural phenomenon of the Italian Mafia.  So lots of new experiences coming our way in the next few months!

I hope everybody has a great Thanksgiving break and comes back ready to continue our Italian journey!


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