Feeling appreciated!

About a month ago, I received a letter from the Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science telling me that I had been selected for their Teacher Appreciation Luncheon which took place this past week.  I was beyond thrilled to find out that my former student, Kelly, had named me as a teacher that had helped shape her education during the years before she attended this new school.  What an honor to hear from a student that they appreciated what was done in the classroom and what they learned in my classroom.

I had Kelly for two years in Italian and she was always a motivated student.  I was able to see how she is excelling at this new school of hers and learn about how this school runs.  Each student in their class had their former teacher at the luncheon and we heard from each student explaining what they appreciated about the teacher.  It was amazing to hear about what students really value in an educator and the stories that have stayed with them long after they leave our classrooms.  I was also so surprised to see so many humanities teachers represented by students who were at this school because they excelled in Math and Science.  As a teacher, this really shows how students value a well-rounded education and can learn to appreciate a subject that they maybe doesn’t come easily to them or one that they are particularly interested in.

I want to thank Kelly for this honor and am so grateful that I get to work with wonderful students like her (and all my students).  We miss you in the Italian classroom at Nipmuc, but we are thrilled you have found such a great school for you and are enjoying learning French too!  In bocca al lupo e ci sentiamo presto!



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