Level 4 is looking for love…in Italiano!

In level 4, we have been making our way through our review before we tackle the new material that will wrap up their Italian studies at Nipmuc.  To make sure students are prepared for college Italian courses (a girl can hope), traveling or studying abroad in Italia (there I go again with my hopes and dreams for these awesome kids), we are working hard to make sure students really understand the fundamentals and can express themselves in Italian.

To practice our present tense, the use of the verb piacere and general grammar, students created a hypothetical dating video where they describe themselves and explain what they are looking for in a partner.  These students are so creative, and the final products that I received, showed their creativity and originality.  Some students pretended to be famous TV show characters, such as Barney Stenson (How I Met Your Mother) or Dwight Shrute (The Office – which I just watched for the first time, so I LOVED that).  Others just made up their own persona – the President, a Miami Real Housewive type of lady, a nerd living in their parents basement – just to name a few.

Below I have included some examples of these videos.  Unfortunately I cannot put them all on there, but they were all so professionally done – and the Italian was fantastic too!!



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