Level 1 Final Exam

Welcome to the last week of level 1.  We have been working hard to get ready for our final exam which is cumulative of everything we have learned all year.  To review, students completed a video on the app Recap, which allows students to answer questions verbally and practice their pronunciation.

Once the review was finished, students used their time in class to ask me questions and to practice in groups.  The exam is set up just like the midterm.  There are 20 questions that students are asked to prepare an answer for.  And during the test, I will verbally ask them 10 of the questions.  Each question is worth 10 points and the exam is worth 100.  Some questions are easier than others, since I wanted to sprinkle in a few questions from the beginning of the year so we don’t forget how to say the easy stuff now that we know how to say more difficult things.

After all of this hard work, these students have deserved a summer to relax, rejuvenate and get ready for level 2 next year! Bravi!

Below you will find the exam questions for the final.

Edited – Term 4 Final Questions


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