Italian weather reports

Italian 1 classes have just finished learning how to express the weather in the target language.  As anyone in New England knows, being able to chit-chat about the weather is a very important part of everyday language skills.  Just think about how often we talk about it, especially since our weather is always unpredictable.  So level 1 students used their new weather vocabulary to give us a 5 day forecast for the northern, central and southern parts of Italy.

As a class, we watched an Italian weather report.  This led to a great conversation about the cultural differences between their news programs and ours.  We also noticed that since Italy is so much smaller than the US, many times they give the weather for the whole country and then focus on just one local region.  This also happens in our weather forecasts, but on a much smaller scale.  The students really enjoyed seeing a real weather report from Italy as well.  We had a great conversation about the speed that the woman was speaking in Italian.  The students find it hard to believe that they speak that fast in English, so that was interesting for them to notice and discuss.

To make the weather forecast, students broke into groups of 3 and started planning their weather pattern.  Each student took a part of Italy (northern, central or southern) and gave a 5 day forecast, using 1 weather expression and the temperature).  The students had to find a picture from their part of Italy and use the green screen to superimpose themselves into that place.

The projects came out so cute and the pictures that the students found were amazing.  We are getting better at the green screens and making sure we don’t see any of the bare wall behind the screen.  It adds such a neat aspect to a project to be able to use that visual effect.

Below please find a few examples of student projects.


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