Reviving old bulletin boards


For the past few years, I have walked by this set of bulletin boards, and over the years I have thought about how optimal this space would be to advertise for my student travel groups.  Mrs. Hennessey uses 2 of the boards to disperse information for students seeking employment and career information.  So now she will use the first two and I have taken the other two to advertise for student trips.

This all started because I wanted to display the pictures from our recent Spain pictures.  Since these students aren’t in my class daily, I felt like a place outside the room would be best so they can see their pictures from the trip.  I felt that we also needed a place for students to find out about upcoming trips.  So we took down the old, faded paper and put up some bright vibrant fabric and new borders, and we now have a new vibe for the entrance to the second floor, blue wing.

Below are the new boards and the 2 that I have completed.  I will use the second board to rotate information about trips and keep it up to date! I am so excited about how it looks! I hope they liven up the students’ day when they see them!  Enjoy!



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