Spain 2017

Arriba! Last week, I had the pleasure of traveling throughout Spain with 30 amazing students, 4 fantastic chaperones and 1 wonderful tour company, Explorica.  Tricia Moloney, Ana Soto, Lauren Blackburn, Ellen Reardon and I were beyond pleased with our 30 students and what a delight they were to travel with!  Here is what we did on our 10 day trip and what amazing sights we saw while in Spain!

Barcelona:  We started our tour in Barcelona.  This is one of my favorite Spanish cities.  We were in awe of the beautiful cathedral, La Segrada Familia and Park Guell both created by the artist Gaudi.  We enjoyed Paella and many other dishes that are particular to the region.

Madrid:  We traveled by bus to Madrid and stopped in the town of Zaragosa.  The students were able to see some Easter processions and had time for lunch.  We then continued on to Madrid.  Here, students were able to go to Easter mass if they wanted.  We had an amazing dinner and back to our hotel.  The next day, we spend the whole day touring and shopping.  The highlight of the tour for most (myself included) was going to the oldest chocolate shop to have their infamous churros and chocolate.  They were delicious.  We also saw the Royal Palace, Bull ring, soccer stadiums and many more sights.

Seville:  We started the next day on the train to the city of Cordoba.  This is one of my other favorite places in Spain.  We toured the Mosque which was then turned into a catholic cathedral.  We tried local foods then continued our way to Seville.  In Seville, we saw the cathedral, Christopher Columbus’ grave, the royal palace, and the Plaza de Espana (which is where they filmed some parts of Star Wars!).  In the afternoon, we took a boat ride down the river that runs through the city.  We ended the day with a Flamenco show, which for most students was the highlight of the trip.

Costa del Sol:  On our way to the coast, we visited the famous La Alhambra.  After a tour of that site, we made our way to the coast.  Some of the group and chaperones chose to go out for a night of Karaoke, while others decided to take the opportunity to relax at the hotel.  Those that did Karaoke had a blast!  Many great songs were sung and lots of dancing by everybody! Our final day was supposed to be spent in Morocco, but with high winds and rough seas, we were unable to take the ferry.  We spent the day in Malaga instead.  This was a great addition to our tour.  Students went on a walking tour and had some time to do some last minute souvenir shopping.

This group of students was an absolute joy to spend 10 days with!  They were so easy-going, enthusiastic and respectful.  I had not met many of these students before the trip, since they study Spanish, so it was a real treat for me to meet and get to know other students who aren’t in my class.  I am sure we all can agree that it was a great trip! And again, a HUGE THANK YOU to Mrs. Blackburn, Mrs. Moloney, Mrs. Soto and my sister Ellen for being the best chaperones! They truly made my life easier and helped in all aspects on the trip.

Below are pictures from our trip!

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