Level 4 World Language Week Project

The level 4 students decided to come together and work collaboratively on one project.  This project includes recreating a famous monument or piece of artwork and then writing a research paper on that monument or artwork in Italian.  This year’s students chose the Statue of Giulietta (Juliet) in Verona.  This was picked because some of the students who went to Italy last year with our school really enjoyed seeing this monument and thought it was a great idea!  The girls did such a great job recreating the statue and courtyard where it is found.

Verona has become known as the City of Lovers because of Romeo and Juliet.  Shakespeare set his play in this quiet little town near Venice.  About 100 years ago, the city decided to make monuments to these fictional characters.  There was a house that they named as the house of Juliet where they created this courtyard with her balcony and statue.  You can pay to enter the house and go on the balcony but the courtyard is free.  Tourists line up to take pictures with the statue.  And if you ever visit the statue, you will notice there is some discoloration on Giulietta’s breast.  The custom is to touch the statue’s breast for good luck in love.

Below you will find their recreation next to the original found in Verona.


Level 4 students are enjoying Il Cinema Paradiso which is a hugely popular film in Italy and abroad.  It won the Academy Award and Golden Globes for Best International Film in 1989.  It is a story that spans the life of Toto who has become a famous movie director.  But he had humble beginnings in a small town in Sicily where he befriended the local man who ran the movie projector, Alfredo.  Alfredo teaches him everything about the trade and when Alfredo becomes blind after a fire in the projection room, Toto takes his place full time.  When he is a teenager, Toto falls in love with Elena and they have a short love affair.  After her family moves so they cannot continue to be together Toto leaves for Rome to work on movies.  We see him in present day as he returns to Sicily to attend Alfredo’s funeral.  He runs into Elena and receives closure after all those years.  It is one of my all-time favorite Italian movies and I am enjoying sharing this favorite with my students! We will be finishing it next week!



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