Level 2 World Language Week Project


This year, we revamped our World Language Week project into an International Food truck festival.  Students were assigned different regions of Italy and had to create a food truck that would serve local cuisine from their region.  They created a poster board that displayed what their theme would be, where there food truck would be located and what food they would serve.  Students then brought in one of their menu items to serve to the crowd and judges.

We were lucky enough to have community members in the food and service industry come to our event and really judge the students on their food, their theme and overall project.  This project was a hit and the students really learned about their region’s cuisine and different flavors that are popular.  I can’t wait to do this project again next year!  Below are the pictures of each group with their projects.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


During world language week, each class also watches a movie to finish the week after their hard work.  Level 2 watches Ciao, Professore!  A great movie about a teacher from Northern Italy is sent to a school in Southern Italy.  The movie was made to show the difference between Northern and Southern Italy, and also bring to light to social problems of the South, such as the Mafia, education, healthcare and poverty.  The movie is very entertaining to see these rambunctious students and how they react to the teacher.  We will be finishing the movie next week and having a quiz on comprehension.


Another great World Language Week is done!  I hope you enjoy seeing all the students’ great work!  And thank you to the parents that helped and provided ingredients for the students to create their projects!


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