Level 1 World Language Week

For Level 1, students create T-shirts that show off the research they did on an Italian region.  Then all level 1 students wear their T-shirts and bring in food from their region and we have our International Buffet.  The event is such a fun event that the students really enjoy.  It is like traveling around the world through food.

Here are a few pictures from our International Buffet today with the students in their shirts that they made.



For their movie, level 1 watches the critically acclaimed “Il Postino”.  The movie is about a man named Mario who becomes the mailman to the poet Pablo Neruda when he is exiled from Chile and is living in Italy.  Pablo teaches Mario about poems and metaphors so Mario can get Beatrice to fall in love with him.  The movie ends with Mario following his dreams to read his poems in public at a rally.  It is a great movie for students to learn about metaphors in Italian and how to use them.


This year’s students did such a great job on their T-shirts and also their food.  Thank you to the parents and families that supplied the ingredients and/or helped their students create their dishes!


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