Italian Honor Society

On Thursday, March 16th the World Language Department inducted our VERY FIRST group of students into our language honor societies.  We had 61 students for all 3 languages being inducted.  I am so happy that we finally offer this opportunity for our Nipmuc Students and we are able to celebrate their achievements in their language classes.  Great job to everybody who was inducted.

The Società Onoraria Italica is the Italian Honor Society and is sponsored by AATI (Association of American Teachers of Italian).  For students to be eligible, they must have an overall GPA of 80% and an average of 85% in their Italian classes for two years.  We had many students that qualified but only 13 who went the extra mile and prepared their Padlet.  The Padlet works as a digital portfolio for students to display their work in Italian class and reflect on their chosen pieces of evidence.  There is also a speaking segment where they use the language to introduce themselves and give a little description.  Seeing the students reflect on their work and draw conclusions from their work that maybe didn’t come out the way they had hoped was really a great experiences as an educator.  I will be able to learn from the students and hopefully use what I learn to improve upon assessments and modify work.

Again, I am just so proud of our new inductees and would like to honor them one more time.  Below you will find the names (and Italian names) of those students:

Carol Abedelnour (Carolina)

Aidan Belleville (Michelangelo)

Jacklyn Bianchi (Bianca)

Jillian Carey (Ilaria)

Alexander Chu (Pippo)

Davin Fazio (Donatello)

Emily Gay (Elisabetta)

Emily MacKay (Paola)

Cooper Offord (Bruno)

Katherine Plutnicki (Catia)

Dean Sheehan (Guglielmo)

Vanessa Shepherd (Francesca)

Rene Venable (Chiara)


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