La Festa Della Donna


The 8th of March is also known as International Women’s Day.  Every year, I bring up the idea of the day, but for students in the US this was never a holiday celebrated much in our country.  In fact, I had never heard of it before I lived in Italy.  Come to find out, many countries around the world do some sort of celebration on l’8 marzo and this year, the US is seeing different activities happening today.

In Italy, women are gifted with this yellow flower, called a mimosa, from people in their lives.  The flowers are a show of women’s solidarity.  Men and women buy these flowers and give them to all the women in their lives, mothers, sisters, daughters, friends etc.  When living in Italy, I was often handed these flowers by random strangers.  It was a really neat experience.  This flower was decided upon for this holiday because it blooms in Italy during the beginning of March, and the aroma fills the air, so it was very abundant at this time of the year.

The history of the day goes back over 100 years and is used as a remembrance day for the work women have done to try to get equal rights.  It started with garment workers in New York and was continued by Russian women during WWI.  The date was finally made to be March 8th and every year since then that is when it is celebrated.  This year, women in the US have also taken the day to protest and show their support to make sure women don’t lose those rights that people fought very hard for.

I want to wish everybody una buona festa della donna! Make sure to give the women in your life an extra hug today!


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