Oral Midterm Exams – Faccia a faccia

For the second year, we have changed the way that we test in Italian class.  Focusing more on actually speaking the language, it made sense to alter how we test as well.  For levels 1 and 2, students were given 20 questions that they are able to answer after the word done all term.  They formulate answers to these questions and practice their answers.  During the exam, students are asked 10 of those questions.  This type of testing is great for speaking practice but also listening comprehension.

I have really enjoyed changing my practices to encompass this type of testing and I have seen such a growth in the students.  Speaking skills are usually the last skill to conquer, so I have been trying to work on that skill more frequently.  Below you will find the 20 questions for both level 1 and level 2.  If you want to know what they mean…ask your student! 🙂

Level 1 Questions:


Level 2 Questions:




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