Italian Boston Field trip

On Friday, January 27th, Italian students from all levels traveled into Boston to check out the Leonardo da Vinci exhibit at the Boston Museum of Science and have lunch at the new Eataly store.  We had such a great day and the students seemed to really enjoy the experience.

At the Boston Museum of Science, the students were given time to explore the exhibit dedicated to the great Leonardo da Vinci.  There were many examples of his inventions and drawings that he made.  A large portion of the exhibit dealt with his infamous painting the Mona Lisa.  Different views and pictures showed what the painting originally was meant to look like and now what we see, with over 500 years of pollution.  The Mona Lisa can be seen today at the Louvre museum in Paris.  Leonardo da Vinci died in Paris, so it makes sense as to why it is located there.

For lunch, we traveled over to Coply to visit the new Eataly store.  Eataly is part of a movement coming out of Italy called Slow Food movement, where they are trying to combat the fast food culture.  Eataly is also focusing on eating healthy, good food.  Part of the store is a market of all Italian products that people can buy, then there are restaurants and food stall sections.  Most students sat down for lunch at the pasta and pizza restaurant while others chose to have a panino and gelato for lunch.  As we were leaving, it was great to see the bags full of Italian products that students bought to bring home for their families.

It was such a great day and the our lunch was amazing.  I received many great reviews from the students about both the museum and Eataly.  We will definitely be venturing back at some point as a class.



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