Describing daily routines with Reflexive Verbs

The use of reflexive verbs in Italian is a little different than in English.  Instead of just saying “myself”, in Italian you need to add a reflexive pronoun.  Another difference is that some verbs that are reflexive in Italian may not be reflexive in English, so that is always a hard concept for our students.

To help level 2 students learn how to use the verbs correctly, students all prepared a video of their daily routine.  Many reflexive verbs are ones that we do to ourselves every day: svegliarsi = to wake up, alzarsi = to get up etc.

Below are a few examples of student videos.  I always enjoy seeing how the students portray themselves in these videos.  This year, we had some original ones: one student did it from his point of view, so he isn’t actually in the video, which was a neat take on the video; and another student drew pictures of herself and then used those in the video.  Their creativity never ceases to amaze me!

Hope you enjoy!






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