Level 4 has had a busy few weeks learning about the Italian-American heritage and immigration stories throughout history.  We learned many different things about how Italian-Americans adapted to their new life and why they abandoned their own country.  As we looked at this, we also spoke about our own families and who came to this country and why.  It was very eye-opening and humbling to see what jobs our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents did as immigrant workers and the conditions they lived in.  With immigration being a hot political topic at the moment, this unit fit perfectly into the course-work and gave real-life scenarios for our students to think about.

To complete all the work that we did, each student was asked to “become an Italian immigrant” and give a brief “interview” about their decision to leave Italy and what their hopes are for their new life.  Students used the app Touchcast to put themselves in Ellis Island and give their 1 minute interview.  Students were able to find real stories or to use existing stories to create their own unique account of their life.  Below you can find the 5 videos.

What a great job these ladies did! I am always so proud of their hard work and their Italian abilities.










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