Term 1 wrap-up!

We have made it a 1/4 of the way through the school year.  Hopefully your students have shared with your their progress in class and any areas that they are finding difficult.  This is the time of the year to really think about our own performance in school and make adjustments as we go.  I will also be doing this, and having students fill out a reflection form on how the class is going.  Below you will find summaries of what we have been up to since the beginning of the year.  And I will be working on updating this site more regularly.

Italian 1 (D and F Blocks)

In Italian 1, we have really been finding our voices in the target language.  We have covered most introductory Italian themes and are working on actually speaking and using verbs.  We just finished the verb “Avere” which means to have.  Now we can express how we are feeling to each other.  At the moment, the students are working on their first “Mi Chiamo” project, which we do once a term throughout the year.  This will give your student a great visual how their progress by the end of the year.  Starting next week, we will be working with ARE verbs and continuing the great work we have already started.

Italian 2 (A and G Blocks)

Term 1 for Italian 2 students has been a review of what we remembered from last year peppered in with new information.  Starting after the holiday, students will start to focus on Reflexive verbs which allow students to reflect on their daily routines.  Before the holiday weekend, we took a quick break to watch Cars in Italian.  This was a much needed treat, while we were exposed to authentic use of the language.  We will use the new vocabulary learned to make flyer about their dream car that they are now selling.  The imagination of this group is so inspiring!

Italian 4 (B Block)

Italian 4 is always such a great opportunity to focus more on the culture while using the grammar we already know.  October was Italian American Heritage Month, which was the platform for many discussions on immigration.  We were fortunate enough to watch a PBS special about Italian Americans and have authentic conversations about our own heritage and our family immigrating to the United States.  To tie this discussion together, students are finishing up a quick video where students are impersonating an Italian immigrant and explaining their struggles.  When the videos are submitted, I will be sharing them here.


I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving weekend with your friends and family.  Rest up – We will be going strong until Christmas break!

Buona festa,



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