End of the first week of school

It has been a great week getting reacquainted with my returning students and learning all about my incoming freshmen.  I loved hearing all about your summer adventures and sharing mine with you.

To get this school year started, we got right back into my favorite activity – signing Italian songs.  I thought, what better way to star the year?! And I think the students agreed.

For level 2, we learned the lyrics to “Volare” which is a very popular song.  It won at the San Remo Music Festival back in 1958, so it is definitely before the time of our students.  But they enjoyed it all the same.  Below is the video that we watched after we sang the song:

And for Level 1, I decided it would be a great introduction to the Italian language to sing “Danzare” with the students on the first day.  This is the first time I have ever done this with level 1, and they definitely were hesitant to being with.  But I think it was a wonderful exercise for Italian pronunciation.  Below is the video that goes with the song:


I hope your students enjoyed the first week of school as much as I did.  Enjoy your 4 day weekend and I will see you all back bright and early on Tuesday morning.

  • Signorina Reardon

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