World Language Week – Level 4

Level 4 students have a few different projects going on this week.  First off, they created our lovely video to promote Italian studies at Nipmuc.  This counted as their project because it will be a useful tool for years to come and they did such a great job portraying our program and all the great things we do!

Their formal World Language Week project was to pick a famous monument or work of art and do a recreation of it.  They were then required to do basic research on that piece and tell us about the importance of the work.  The monuments chosen were: the Colosseum, the bell tower of San Marco in Venice, and the ancient ruins of Southern Italy.  The works of art chosen were: The Mona Lisa, the Portrait of the Duke and Duchess of Urbino by Peiro della Francesca, and the Creation of Adam (from the Sistine Chapel) by Michelangelo.  Below are pictures of the great projects”


The rest of the week was spent enjoying the amazing film, La Vita è Bella.  This film won many awards and is known in English as Life is Beautiful.  By watching this film we were able to discuss the Holocaust and how Italy was involved and how it was affected.  Great conversations were had and the students loved the film.  It is truly a classic!

Another great World Language Week has come to an end…until next year!


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