World Language Week – Level 3

For our World Language Week in Level 3, students use their knowledge of the Passato Prossimo and Imperfect tenses to create a fairy tale.  Students are allowed to create their own or re-work an existing fairy tale.  They write it in Italiano, using these tenses and create the book in Book Creater app.

To compliment these stories, the final touches is to create a promotional poster that would be used to advertise for the book.  These posters are pictured below and were displayed in our lobby during the week.

In class, during World Language Week, we watch a movie to tie together all of our research and class discussions.  For Level 3, we watch “Io non ho paura.”  This is the story of a young boy who goes against his family to do the right thing.  The students really enjoyed the film! It is considered a suspense/thriller and I think it lived up to it’s expectations.  Here is the cover and an image from the film.


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