World Language Week – Level 2

For level 2 this year, we worked on updating the project that our students do.  Usually students would create a tri-fold poster with all of their information.  G block chose to keep the project the same, but A block decided to update the project and create a website with all of their information.

Students chose a region of Italy and researched all different aspects of it, from a famous person to tourism.  The project finished with our World’s Fair, where all projects were put on display and each student prepared a dish from their region.  Below are pictures of the fair.

During the week, we also spent class time watching “Ciao, Professore”.  This film is a comedy about a teacher who is transferred to the south of Italy by mistake.  This northern teacher has a hard time adjusting and getting through to his students.  Over the course of the film, we see il Professore impact his students’ lives in many different ways.  Our students always enjoy this film.

Here are some pictures of the level 2 projects from G block:

And here are pictures from A block.  Students set up their iPads to show off their website along with their food and flag from the region.


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