Level 1 Midterm – Faccia a Faccia

Throughout this school year, my focus has been on getting level 1 students to speak more in the Target Language.  It is always difficult for students at this level to feel comfortable in their own ability to produce the language, which is why I wanted to focus on that skill.  To further this skill we decided to have an oral Midterm exam, instead of a written one.  And I was very pleased with the outcome.

To start, I had to decide how this exam would look.  Working with the Spanish 1 teachers, we decided to have students study 20 questions and how to answer them, which were a direct result of what we have learned so far.  During the test, I would then ask 10 questions to each student.  Below is a copy of the questions students prepared:

Midterm Oral Exam with answers

During the exam, students recorded themselves so they were able to go back and understand any mistakes they made.  I was also able to upload instant feedback using Google forms, so students were able to see which questions they lost points on and they could listen to themselves to review and learn from their mistakes.  Below is the form shown to students, using their school codes instead of names:

Midterm Grades 2015-2016

I was very pleased with how the students performed on this type of exam.  They were very nervous, but I think with more practice like this, it will pay off as students are more comfortable speaking in Italian.  The overall average for both classes was a 79 on the exam, which I hope to improve by the final.

We are already half-way through! Can’t believe it! Let’s make the second half just as much fun!!!




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