How do our students spend their days?

What is a reflexive verb?  A verb where the subject and receiver of the verb are the same.

Level 2 students have been hard at work learning reflexive verbs in the present tense.  In Italian, these verbs are somewhat similar to how we use them and are conjugating very similarly to regular present tense verbs.  The only catch is the reflexive pronouns that must be added to the verb.  The difference between “mi vesto” (I get dressed) and “vesto” (I dress…something else) is very different.  A and G blocks worked hard to learn these verbs and learn the correct way to use them.

Another difference from English to Italian is some of the verbs that are reflexive.  One of the hardest verbs for students to use correctly is “divertirsi” which means “to enjoy oneself”.  The equivalent to this in English would be “to have fun” but that doesn’t translate correctly.

To help students use the verbs in a more authentic way, students created videos of their daily activities.  The reason for this is that most reflexive verbs are the ones we use every day to get ready in the morning or to end our day.  The final products were great! Our students are so creative and really put their all into a project! Unfortunately I cannot share them all, but find a few examples below.  Divertitevi!!







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