Level 1 – Self-assessing our Speaking skills

Throughout this academic year, my personal goal is to get my students in Level 1 speaking more.  In the first year of language, it can be very difficult to do this, since we are busy learning the grammar, so I made this my SMART goal for the year.  So far this year, we have done many different activities that center around expressing ourselves orally.  Every term students also complete a “Mi chiamo” project that they use to describe themselves using the newest grammar concepts, and they then record their voices.  At the end of the year they will have 4 of the exact same project and they will be able to see and hear their progress.

So, going along with this goal, I wanted students to get in the habit of self-assessing and peer-assessing a speaking activity.  I used the rubric created for these activities and transformed it into a Google Form (one for self-assessment and one for peer-assessing).  For homework, students recorded themselves and today we used class time to listen to themselves and to a partner.

It was such a great activity, as a teacher, to watch.  They were really interested in the errors they made, and they were helping each other as they listened to their partner’s recording.  Students were also very fair while assessing these recording.  The feedback I was able to get was very helpful and the students felt like they understood how they were mispronouncing words.  This worked much better than me just correcting the error, because I have been doing it all year, but just doing this activity once, I have already seen the difference.

To view the forms for assessment, please click the links above.






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