Italian Zumba Competition

Italian A Block has a fierce sense of competition.  So when we learned the Italian song “Danzare” and saw on Youtube that this was a popular Zumba song, this class had the idea to create their own zumba videos.

The song “Danzare” is a simple song that we learned to review our ARE and Irregular Verbs.  It was popular in Italy last year, and it is so catchy that all classes love this song.  So the class divided into two groups (boys vs girls) and set out to create their own dance routine.  They were then allowed some class time to film.  Below are the final products.

We had our class and Mrs. Blackburn’s Spanish class try out the Zumba moves and vote on which video and routine was more difficult and the winners were….The girls.

Congrats to both groups! I loved the enthusiasm and determination each group put in.  And not to mention that each student has now memorized the song!!

The boys


The girls – Winner


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