Verso App in Level 4

Level 4 students have many different things happening in class right now.  We have been learning the Passato Remoto, which is the historical past tense.  To compliment that tense, we have also been focusing on the Italian Mafia in a way to use this verb tense and gain some different cultural views of the Italian Mafia.

To see how the Mafia was viewed in Italy, we have watched two films.  The first film is called “I Cento Passi” and focuses on the true story of Peppino Impastato, who rebelled against the Mafia in the Sicialian town of Cinisi.  As the son of a Mafioso, this was a very tricky situation, and he was eventually killed, along with his father for the stand he took again them.  The second film is “Alla Luce del Sole” which focuses on the true story of Father Pino Puglisi who is killed by the Mafia for trying to save the children of Brancaccio.

The students saw a different side of the Mafia, which for most of them had only been from examples such as the Godfather.  But the Mafia still has an important significance in everyday life in some parts of Italy.  This surprises many students, which is why it is important to educate them on the past (using the Passato Remoto) in hopes that the situation continues to get better in the future.

To discuss the movies, I had the students use the Verso App, which is a way students can comment on questions anonymously.  This helps them to write more freely, but then we all can see the result.  They were also asked to comment on one other post.  The discussion that ensued lasted two blocks and it was very productive.  Below are screenshots of the discussion held on the Verso App.

This is definitely an App I would use again…and already have 🙂


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