“How-To” Video – Technology Project

For Term 2, Italian 4 students have been reviewing the command form of verbs.  To put this verb tense to good use, students were asked to make a video (using iMovie) telling the viewer how to do a specific task.  Students had to use the commands in the “tu” form, using some in the negative form, as well as utilizing our irregular commands.

This project is always such a fun way for students to express themselves and show their interests.  This year, since we have such a small class, we broke the class into two groups and the students ran with their ideas.

Group one: Marla, Stefania I and Stefania II – This group loves Italian music, so they chose a song that we sang a few weeks ago.  This song, Danzare, is a catchy tune and we were able to practice some Zumba along to youtube videos.  So the girls decided to make a video explaining “how-to” do the dance.  The end product is great.  The girls made use of the green screen and placed themselves in the streets of Firenze to do their dance.

Video 1 – Come Danzare a “Danzare”

Group two: Aryane, Ciara, Bianca and Sarah – This group absolutely loves the movie High School Musica.  So for their project they decided to teach somebody “how-to” be Troy Bolton, the lead character from the movie.  My favorite part of having students work on videos is, seeing cameos from their family members! Check out Sarah’s dad in their film!! Bravi!!

Group 2 – Come essere Troy Bolton (High School Musical)



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