Level 2 – Technology project

For the past week, Italian 2 students have been learning about car vocabulary.  We started our unit by watching Cars in Italian.  The students loved hearing the different voices and watch a movie they know well in a different way.  Once we were done with the movie, students were introduced to vocabulary dealing with the car.  This vocabulary is useful in any language and something that students can use in every-day situations.

Once we learned the vocabulary, students had to create an advertisement for a car that they repaired and are now selling.  The car needed to be labeled with our new vocabulary words and the students had to provide specific information about the car and how long they have had it.  We reviewed a lot of different topics, such as numbers, adjectives, and verbs.

In the past, this project was done on paper, but with our iPads, we were able to create a digital advertisement and the possibilities were endless.  I was very pleased with the results.  Blocks A and G did a fantastic job with this project.

To go along with Nipmuc’s 21st Century Learning Expectations, the World Language department uses the technology rubric twice a year to monitor how students are using their technology.  This project will count as Level 2’s technology project.  Grades will be recorded on their Term 2 report cards.

As part of my Technology goal for the school year, this project shows how I have re-developed an already existing project into one that is done with technology.  I am pleased with this project and how much nicer the projects became using the technology available to each student.

Below, please find some examples of the Level 2 Cars Project.



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